Friday, 28 October 2011

Free Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

I've been Incredibly excited about halloween since may! And i decided I needed some some crocheted spooky decor! so here is what could be the first installment of a few I mean i know halloween is VERY soon, but who say's i have to be spooky for one day a year only?

As you can see I may have slightly botched the face, i decided to try my hand a gluing felt to the finished project.. as you can tell it did not go so well.. next time I think I'll stick to needle felting or sewing...

so here goes!

I used Robins DK yarn and a 3.5mm (USA - E) crochet hook, for a really dainty and cute pumpkin you could use a 2.75mm (USA - C) hook also.


SC - Single crochet
FPDC - Front post double crochet

In Orange
1: 6sc in magic ring
2: *2 sc each (12 stitches)
3: *(2 sc first stitch)FPDC. Repeat from * (18 stitches)
4: *(2 sc 1st stitch) 1 sc, fpdc. Repeat from *(24 st)
5: *(2 sc 1st stitch) 2 sc, fpdc. Repeat from * (30 st)
6: *(2 sc 1st stitch) 3 sc, fpdc. Repeat from * (36 st)
7: *5 sc FPDC. Repeat from * (36 st)
8: *5 sc FPDC. Repeat from * (36 st)
9: *5 sc FPDC. Repeat from * (36 st)
10: *5 sc FPDC. Repeat from * (36 st)
11: *(sc dec) 3sc, fpdc. Repeat from * (30 st)
12: *(sc dec) 2sc, fpdc. Repeat from * (24 st)
13: *(sc dec) 1sc, fpdc. Repeat from * (18 st)
14: *(sc dec) fpdc . Repeat from * (12 st)
In Green
 - 15: 12 sc (12 st)
16: 6 sc decrease (6 st)
17: 4sc 2x(sc decrease) (4 st)
 cast off.

I hope you Enjoy this pattern :) I like the addition of the FPDC as it gives a nice ridged effect :). Happy Halloween everybody!

Also I have a youtube account now and Plan to make basic tutorial videos like the FPDC stitch for example. I'll keep you's updated :)

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sapphirestarflake said...

OMG this is super cute!!! I shall have to look for my orange yarn and try this!!