Monday, 17 January 2011

Why Buy Handmade?

In this article i will attempt to alert you to some of the endless reason to buy garments, tools and toys handmade by everyday people like you and I.

As I'm sure you are aware for good quality home made products it can be quite costly, and If you are waiting for your item to be made you can also be waiting a small while for your order.
 Many people would ask questions like, 'Why would i want to spend £35 on a handmade top when i could go to the store and get one for £25?' I wouldn't blame somebody for asking this question, especialy in the times we live in, Jobs are hard to come by and people are saving every penny just to get by!

Now by no means am I suggesting that everything in your wardrobe and yout house should be handmade, definitely not, nobody can afford to buy everything handmade.

Handmade clothing Is made on the small scale thus original and you will most likely never come accross somebody with the same garment of clothing as you whereas store bought is mass produced and very popular making it hard for you to avoid seeing people with the same clothes as you.

store bought clothes are lovely yes and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with them other than the fact everybody has them, but would you rather be remember as 'that guy/girl with the same top as me,' or 'that guy/girl with the really interesting outfits'

as awesome as this is, it's a fine example of mass produced style and no individuality:

Since the dawn of trade, sellers have followed the cheap labour, which unfortunately in todays world means that there are children in third world countries working for pennies, although many spokespeople for major company's will deny any involvement with these factories, in many cases they turn out to be knee deep in what may aswell be slave labour.

with handmade clothes, you know exactly where your product came from, who made it and how much they will be getting paid for that item, which is great knowing for definite that you are not supporting child labour.

With handmade items generaly are more expensive that those mass produced, you have to take into account what it is you're paying for:

Materials, the people selling their handcrafted wares will most likely not be buying thier materials in bulk so will be paying public rates which can be quite pricey.

Originality, The item being sold will be of their own imagination and they will have spent endless hours planning, sketching measuring and editing this particular design and probably maybe a few prototypes which is more time and materials used.

Time, as the products are handmade the crafter will have spent hours working away on your purchase, whilst it will be doing something they enjoy, it's still time of their life they have spent to make this for you.

you have to take all these facors into account when thinking about the price of a handmade product.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, i spent a lot of time writing this and if this changes at least one person's opinion of handmade goods then that's my aim completed.

I hope everybody is having a great year so far, I have a new pattern to post for you's I was going to post a different one but i figured this one would be better

speak to you's soon bye :)

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sapphirestarflake said...

I totally agree with you. Handmade stuff is unique, and more times than not has a better quality to them than what you would buy from the stores. That, and most people who sell handmade items WANT people to be happy with their work, so if for example you buy a hat from a seller that you've worn a hole into, chances are they'd be willing to repair the hat, or try their best to replicate one for you. they want you to be their customers, unlike corporate places where if you had the same thing were to happen with corporate merchandise, you'd have to buy at full price again.