Saturday, 6 November 2010

Happy Belated Halloween

Hey Guys i hope everybody had an amazing halloween, and yeah sorry this entry's like a week late, but i've been busy busy busy.

I crocheted a little miniature anna-varney cantodea. I wrote the pattern down but it didn't turn out nearly as well as i hoped, but i think i'll post it anyway.

Also I've been busy yarn Bombing :)

This is the first piece of yarn bombing i've ever done, it was mainly crocheted with a little bit a knitting in the middle, it was all crocheted with a knitting needle as i lost all my crochet hooks except for my 2.5 and 3.5 hooks which would take me ages to make a simple piece this this haha. 

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sapphirestarflake said...

Hope you had a fabulous Halloween! and I love your yarn bomb! haha post more if pics when you yarn bomb some more!